Secrets that a girl doesn’t want their BFs to know

A Women are one of mysterious creature in world. A girl may give you her body , love and heart but still there are some secrets that they wont tell you. These secrets can assist you to understand her better and you will be amused to know these sweet and cute little things about girl. This can also be helpful for your dating. Every woman is cute and sweet just . This post is just to share one of those cute things That a woman holds and wont share with you. Use these secrets to impress her.

Here are those cute and sweet secrets that are being hidden from you :

  • She stalks you often :


    Even she prenteds that she haven’t seen your recent post or update.Fact still remain same that she has added your profile into her notification list and even checked all girls profiles who liked your post or even commented . Isn’t that in a kind of way Cute?

  • She already thought of name for your future kids


    She is not looking for any commitment real soon. Almost 88% of girls who say this have already thought of name of your kids.

  • Sometimes she use PMS as a way to get away from her anger on you


    During this time she collect all that has been bugging her about you for a month and then flush out all of that on you. I would suggest you not to be angry at this time at her. It is kind of a good thing cuz during this time you can put effort to undo things and finish it off with a sweet cudle. Don’t you think so?

  • She know about your lies


    Most of time she can predict when you lie just doesnt say anything and if it gets out of line then she gets angry. Best way to deal with this is better stay with truth. 

  • She mention that she talks to a lot of guy friends


    She mention that she talks to alot of guy friends. She mentions about all guy she ever used to talk to and shows you like he used to be her great buddy in one of conversations, it is just a hint to you that she got alot of options out there so you better not mess up with her. Be carefull about this one. A lot of people loss their partner because of this one.

  • She pretend to be busy


    She pretends to be busy sometimes by not texting you. She prentends to be busy half of time and waits for you to text her and show your affaction toward her by showing how you missed her .

  • She digs out your old mistake


    Here is another lovely and usefull secret that your GF won’t tell you , remember she digs out your old mistake again and again during an argument. Well here is the reason She gives you hint that you haven’t made up for that mistake( according to her) thats why she reminds you to make up for it and she will continue to do so untill you will make it u for it. Thats the key to happy relationship my friend.

  • She sometimes forget her stuff at your place for a reason


    This is a very clever trick to make you feel things that she do for you. She forget her stuff so that later on you can collect her little things and understand importance of her efort which she do while collecting your stuff

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